Founded by 2 animators that love the format of short films. We want to dedicate our time to produce high quality content for music videos. We are a startup company of a group of artists/animators from all around the world. Mainly based in the USA and France, we dedicate our passion and skills to produce high quality animated music videos. We believe that storytelling to music is the strongest art form there is. We are a few friends that always dreamed of creating something for ourselves and from the heart. We find that music video art form has faded off in the last decade. We are determined to put it back on the map. Another format that is both exciting and, unfortunately, overlooked is short film. We want to combine both short film and music video art forms and create something that inspires and done for the quality and not for money.
Born and raised in Russia, moved to USA at young age. Studied animation in Los Angeles and Paris. Worked as storyboard artist, director and TD in many different companies.
Lived the whole life in California, finished animation school there. Always wanting more, moved to Paris and attended Gobelins School. Now lives in Lille, France. Worked as storyboard artist, director and animator.
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