Sticker SHEET - Tarot

Vinyl sticker sheet, lot of 8 different tarot design stickers on one page. Waterproof, 4x6inch sheet.
Tarot inspired Sticker Sheet, Stay Spooky Posca Marker artworks. Lot of 8 Pieces on Page of 6x4 inch. Creepy Halloween Designs, Clowncore / Witchcore Cordyceps, fitting any occasion or holiday! do you like creepy and cute things together? If so, then you are in the right place! This sticker sheet can be used on water bottles, computers or mailed out as a gift. Perfect gift for all ages. Originally drawn on paper to achieve a pretty watercolor effect.


  • This is one Sticker Sheet to be received by mail.
  • This item is available for Personal use ONLY. See terms below. No resale.
  • You are purchasing a physical product. Great quality vinyl stickers. 8 total designs on one 6x4inch page.
  • Rounded edges, high quality print. Dark creepy designs with pink and pretty concepts.
  • Please see other listings for different designs of sticker sheets.

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This item can be returned 30 days from time of purchasing. Please contact me with any issues prior to filing a return. the item is very small, so I can provide return refund of one USPS letter stamp.

❤️Thank you so much for your purchase!!! I hope to see you here again very soon.