Original Artwork - Horn Lady

Horn Lady ORIGINAL Artwork, Kawaii Handmade Wall Art, Posca Marker Painting on Watercolor Paper, Halloween Creepy Cute Girl Drawing.
Markers and ink pen on watercolor paper, signed by artist, marchionette art challenge 2023, all original art by Karina Gazizova (c) copywrited KGAZ.
This is an original artwork in Pastel Goth Style done with Posca Markers on Watercolor Paper. Stay Spooky Clown Lady. A handmade Original Artwork. Signed by me. It fits any occasion or holiday. Do you like creepy and cute art? Then you are in the right place! This design is perfect gift for all ages. Drawn on watercolor thick paper to achieve a pretty watercolor effect.
  • ATTENTION!!! This is a very much original artwork! One of a kind, but no promises I won't remake it, because it's so awesome! This artwork is signed by me, the artist.
  • PLEASE This item is available for Personal use ONLY.
  • Could be used as a special gift, but not to be resold. You are purchasing a physical product. This is an alcohol marker artwork on thick watercolor paper. The size of the artwork is approximately A5, 8x5 inch. The item is all hand crafted and one of a kind. Please note that by purchasing it, you are not buying the rights for this specific design, and if needed, it can be reproduced by the artist.
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